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Test Procedures:

Test Procedures

The model tests should generally be carried out according to the Recommended Procedures given by the 23rd ITTC Manoeuvring Committee, i.e.:

captive tests (PMM + CMT): Captive Model Test Procedure, No. 7.5-02-06-02, 2002
free model tests: Free-Sailing Model Test Procedure, No. 7.5-02-06-01, 2002
Simulation Procedures

With respect to the manoeuvring simulation methods, whether based on experimental or numerical data, it is recommended that they are validated based on the following ITTC Recommended Procedure:

“Validation of Manoeuvring Simulation Models”, No. 7.5-02-06-03, 2002.

Uncertainty Assessment

Uncertainty assessment (i.e. verification) is required for all participants, both for the experimental methods and for the numerical methods. 

With respect to the numerical methods it is recommended that the procedures proposed by the 22nd ITTC Resistance Committee be used, however, estimates from alternate methods, including extrapolation of uncertainty estimates from benchmark applications, are acceptable. The 22nd ITTC adopted the procedures on an interim basis and included them in the following sections of the Quality Manual:

QM Section 4.9-04-01-01, "Uncertainty Assessment in CFD Methodology," Download PDF file [125KB]
QM Section 4.9-04-01-02, "Guidelines for RANS Codes," Download PDF file [26KB]
QM Section 4.9-04-02-01, "Examples for Resistance and Flow," Download PDF file [1135KB]
Note that the procedures and methodology are based upon those presented in Stern et al. (1999).

With respect to the captive tests (mainly PMM) it is recommended to follow the procedure described in Simonsen, C. D., 2004.

Format of Model Test Results

  1. A full set of results corresponding to the relevant test program described on this site must be supplied.

  2. The results must be sent as soon as possible after termination of the tests.

  3. All files should be packed in a single zip-file.

  4. Files should be in ASCII-format.

  5. All data in model scale.

  6. All data in SI-units.

  7. For static tests mean values should be given, while for dynamic tests incl. free model tests full time series as well as Fourier coefficients must be supplied.

  8. For captive tests the following parameters should be included:
    ime, total forces (X, Y, N), position (x, y, psi), velocities (u, v, r), accelerations (udot, vdot, rdot).

    For static tests mean values should be given. For dynamic tests data should be delivered in the form of time series of hydrodynamic forces for one complete PMM cycle after filtering and averaging over the measurement period.

  9. For free tests the following parameters should be included:
    Time, position (x, y, psi), velocities (u, v ,r), roll angle, rudder angle, propeller revolutions, propeller thrust/torque (optional), rudder forces/moment (optional). A full time series of each channel must be supplied.

  10. A separate file shall describe the model and the test conditions including:

  1.  model scale

  2. model weight

  3. model moment of inertia izz

  4. any deviations in model geometry from the data given on this site

  5. any deviations in test conditions from the data given on this site

  6. applied method of turbulence stimulation

  7. applied method of frictional force correction

  8. applied strategy for adjustment of propeller revolutions

  9.  water temperature

  10. logging frequency

Format of Simulation results, System-based methods
Not available yet

Questionnaire, System-based methods
Not available yet

Test cases for CFD-based methods
Participants performing CFD-based simulation of PMM motions should use the following test cases, which can be directly compared to PMM test results.

  KVLCC1+2 KCS 5415
speed, FN 0.142 0.26 0.28
static drift,  b 4 deg 4 deg 4 deg
pure sway, v' 0.08 0.08 0.07
pure yaw, r' 0.4 0.4 0.3 (*)
yaw & drift, r' / b 0.4 / 4 deg 0.4 / 4 deg 0.3 / 8 deg (*)

(*) NB. at 0.60U0 i.e. Fn = 0.168

Format of Simulation results, CFD-based methods
Not available yet

Questionnaire, CFD-based methods
Not available yet

Format of Posters
Not available yet

Format of Papers
Not available yet

FTP server
Test data is stored and can be downloaded from the FORCE ftp-server. Data from each test series is stored in a separate folder with a corresponding password. User names and passwords to relevant folders are obtained by sending an e-mail to: technical@simman2008.dk

The structure of the folder is as follows:



pmm_app_moeri                         1
pmm_app_insean                        2
cmt_app_mnri                             3
free_hsva                                    4


pmm_app_moeri                        5
pmm_app_insean                       6
pmm_bare_shallow_insean       7

cmt_app_nmri                   8

free_hsva                           9


pmm_app_nmri                10
pmm_app_cehipar            11
pmm_app_shallow_bshc  12

cmt_app_nmri                 13

free_sva                            14


pmm_app_force                15
pmm_bare_force               16
pmm_bare_iihr                  17

pmm_bare_insean            18    
cmt_bare_bec                   19

free_marin                         20





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