MOERI Container Ship (KCS)

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The KCS was conceived to provide data for both explication of flow physics and CFD validation for a modern container ship with bulb bow and stern (i.e., ca. 1997).  The conditions include bare hull and fixed model.  No full-scale ship exists.

More information concerning KCS including towing tank results for resistance, generated wave field and pressure field on the hull can be found on the MOERI and NMRI web sites.

The hull geometry and relevant loading conditions and speeds are described under Geometry and Conditions, from where the hull description can be downloaded in the form of an IGES-file.

The planned model tests for the KCS includes PMM tests in deep water and free model tests. The specific test programs that should be followed for each of these test series are described under Test Programs.

Instructions for the format of the test results are given under Format of Model Test Results. Raw model test data will be available after tests have been completed and can be downloaded via the FTP server.

Guidelines for the output from the manoeuvring simulations are given under Instructions to participants. Note that there are specific instructions as well as a questionnaire to be filled out for each of the types of methods i.e. systems based or CFD-based methods.

Refer to Links and References for contact information on the involved parties and for any published papers or reports from the tests.



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