US Navy Combatant, DTMB 5415

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Test Programs:

The following model tests either have been or will be performed for the 5415:

  • PMM test in deep water with appended hull (FORCE)
  • PMM test in deep water with bare hull (FORCE, IIHR(#), INSEAN)
  • CMT test in deep water with bare hull (BEC)
  • Free model tests in deep water (MARIN)

(#) Also PIV measurements are available from these tests.

Note that at present it has not been defined whether the rotating arm tests shall be conducted as bare hull or appended hull tests. The program for the rotating arm tests should match the relevant PMM test program given here in terms of parameter ranges.

The specific test programs that should be followed for each of these test series can be downloaded here:


Test program PMM appended, 5415 Test program PMM bare, 5415
Test program CMT bare, deep, 5415
(not available yet)
Test program free, 5415


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