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Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute (MOERI)

Additional info about KVLCC1

Point of Contact regarding model tests:
Sun Young Kim,   


Instituto Nazionale per Studi ed Esperienze di Architettura Navale (INSEAN)

Point of Contact regarding model tests:
Paolo Bulgarelli,

Hamburgische Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt GmbH (HSVA)

Point of Contact regarding model tests:
Mathias Vogt,   



Van, S.H., Kim, W.J., Yim, D.H., Kim, G.T., Lee, C.J., and Eom, J.Y., 1998, "Flow Measurement Around a 300K VLCC Model," Proceedings of the Annual Spring Meeting, SNAK, Ulsan, pp. 185-188. 

Van, S.H., Kim, W.J., Yim, G.T., Kim, D.H., and Lee, C.J., 1998, "Experimental Investigation of the Flow Characteristics Around Practical Hull Forms," Proceedings 3rd Osaka Colloquium on Advanced CFD Applications to Ship Flow and Hull Form Design, Osaka, Japan 

Kim, S-Y and Kim Y-G, 2000, “Effects of stern hull form on the manoeuvrability for a tanker". Proceedings MARSIM 2000, p. 349-366. 


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